RxPrep Online 2015
The Complete Online Review with video lectures, text, and 3,300+ test bank access.
$788.00 / $988.00
RxPrep Online 2015 for those with 2015 text (reduced by $168 at checkout, text not included)
The full Online Course for students who already have the course text. Enter the code on the first page of the 2015 text to reduce the cost by $168--this is the cost of the text.
$788.00 / $988.00
RxPrep Course Book 2015 Edition
A comprehensive study guide for pharmacy students preparing for the licensure exams.
RxPrep 3,300+ Question Test Bank 2015
Comprehensive Test Bank with over 3,300+ questions in all therapeutic areas, including specialties and calculations. 
$149.00 / $169.00 / $179.00
RxPrep MPJE Law Review Online Course
RxPrep's MPJE® Online Course -- Federal Pharmacy Law Online.
$185.00 / $215.00
RxPrep CA (CPJE) 2015 Law Review Online Course
Updated for 2015, all law and CA-required clinical, complete: RxPrep's Online Review Course for the CPJE, with video lectures, study booklet, and "must know" test assessment.   

$185.00 / $215.00
A Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law Eighth Edition with Supplement
A must-have resource for pharmacists practicing in CA.
A Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law, 8th Edition Supplement
Supplement for the 8th Edition "Blue" Version of the A Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law, by Fred G. Weissman, PharmD, JD
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