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Since 2001, RxPrep's pharmacy licensure reviews for the NAPLEX® and pharmacy law exams have been the preferred study material used by top pharmacy schools, the largest chain employers and the majority of U.S. and foreign graduates.

The RxPrep team includes experienced pharmacists who practice in areas which are tested heavily, including community practice, hospital practice (such as internal medicine, infectious disease, pediatrics, cardiology, transplant and critical care) and other clinical specialties (such as dialysis, oncology, pharmacokinetics and biostatistics). The pharmacists who assist in each chapter, video and with test bank development are acknowledged at the top of the RxPrep Course Book chapter they helped write. The student-preferred lecturers are invited to teach in the video course.

The primary focus of the NAPLEX® exam concerns safe medication use, including the preparation of accurate dosages, safe compounding technique, and the ability to recognize when a medication or dose is unsafe and should not be dispensed.  Our growth to the top pharmacy board review program has been fueled by recommendations from students who felt at ease selecting responses and achieved outstanding scores following preparation with the RxPrep review material.  Our experienced team focuses on the same material: we help students identify common concerns with medications, concerns that are not as common but known to cause toxicity, and safe medication preparation.

The Current Program

In November, 2016 the NAPLEX® competency requirements were updated. New chapters in the current material match to the requirements, including Sterile Compounding, Emergency Preparedness, Communication, Drug Structures and Mechanisms, and a few others. There are many new exam-style cases in the Course Book and Test Banks that require students to pick out the items needed to answer a question, such as the patient's weight and medication dose to calculate an IV drip rate, the monitoring parameters to select a drug for treatment or parameters that require drug discontinuation.

Newer formulations have become common in practice and pharmacists are expected to instruct patients how to use their medications in a safe manner with correct technique.  The use of devices that are not typical tablets or capsules are covered completely.

What's Your Pass Rate? How Long Do I Need to Prepare?

We do not make false promotions about our programs such as claims of specific pass rates. We do not guess on the study hours required to do well; it would be a guess, after all. Rather, we provide the student with a study plan that works and with assessment tests that enable each student to know when they are prepared to do well. Students who use the online video course or who are at a school where we teach receive help from the instructors with the study material or with assessing when they are ready to test. We welcome prospective schools or students to contact any of the large chain employers (all use RxPrep) or any of the schools at which we teach for an assessment. 

Reviews that Match to the College's Needs

RxPrep provides tailored review programs for colleges looking to complement their curriculum. Pre-review tests can be given prior to a live or online review to help the college assess areas of weakness. Schools are able to modify the standard live review agenda to match their own requirements.  In addition to practice tests that include questions modified from various topic areas (and matched to the percentages in the exam blueprints), mini-comprehensive exams are available to schools to review subject areas, such as calculations, cardiology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, etc.

Experience the benefits of top-rated NAPLEX® , MPJE & CPJE Pharmacist Licensing Reviews

Why RxPrep:

  • The instructors are engaging, are subject experts, many are board-certified, and all have years of pharmacy practice experience.
  • Instructors are student favorites. We survey the students annually to help us retain the instructors that provided the most benefit. We are happy to provide references from faculty colleagues at colleges where we teach, or from former students. 
  • The content is accurate, up-to-date, and matched by item to the current competencies. There is no parallel to the effort made by RxPrep to produce the student-preferred review material.
  • RxPrep review materials are affordably priced. 
  • Courses are offered as live reviews, or as online, self-paced programs for NAPLEX or law reviews.
  • When schools are hosting a review program they are able to tailor the agenda to match areas of weakness. RxPrep provides pre-review assessment tests to help the college select the review topics.
  • Not all students need a complete online review; many do well with the text and test bank assessment. If a student is scoring poorly, they are able to add on the videos. The video course includes fast and friendly help from the pharmacist instructors.
  • Our team keeps the board review programs complete, and matched to the current NABP competencies. All items that could be tested are included. Items that are not tested are not included. 
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