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About RxPrep

RxPrep is the review company used by the four largest chain employers, and by top colleges and professional organizations. We have been in the board review business since 2001 and have become the gold standard for quality board reviews. A review in 2015 in Pharmacy Times rated the RxPrep text as the top board review resource with a rating of 10/10. Our team includes 45 pharmacists in all key areas: inpatient, specialty and community. We focus on the drugs seen in practice—and our students do well. 

RxPrep's Online Courses--Complete Reviews at an Affordable Price

RxPrep’s online review is delivered over high-speed internet for viewing at the student’s convenience. The videos and test bank sections can also be accessed on iOS and Android-compatible devices. The online course provides students with access to 76 lectures—all topics required to do well.  Video lectures are updated each December and current for spring exams.  This year's program has been matched to each item on the updated competency statements. Students enjoy the videos; all key devices are demonstrated and the visuals are fun to watch.  The videos are designed to increase retention of key information.

With the NAPLEX review, each student receives the 2016 RxPrep Course Book. The text is accurate, complete and current. The chapters match to the online lectures.  The student can view the video, highlighting in the text what they need to review, and assessing retention with the matching test bank section. The test bank assessment is included with the online course.

The Test Bank Assessment is a Student Favorite

RxPrep’s comprehensive test bank assessment allows students to assess drug knowledge by individual topic areas prior to sitting for licensure.  The test bank sections match to the text chapters and the videos. 

Each test section includes top seller brand/generics, common dosing and dosage forms, drug interactions, side effects, warnings and counseling points. Essential hospital drugs are included.  Foundation topics, such as calculations, biostatistics/pharmacoeconomics, medication safety, non-sterile and sterile compounding are included.

The test assessments are designed to be thorough but kept within the arena of basic competency.  The 2016 test bank contains more than 3,500 basic competency questions, with many in the case formats tested by the board. Practice cases in the formats used by the board are also included at the end of most of the chapters in the text. With this practice, along with achieving full retention in the test bank sections, students score high on their exams.

Reviews That Match to the College's Needs

The review subjects are tailored to your requirements. Pre-review tests can be given prior to a live or online review to help the college assess areas of weakness. Schools are able to modify the standard live review agenda to match their requirements.  The school can designate faculty as account administrators who can view the student’s scores on each topic, including the specifics on items missed on tests by the group or by an individual user. The college can select pre- and post-test or category exams that contain the same information in the test bank but with revised cases and questions; this enables the school to assess retention, rather than memorization. These services are included gratis with school contracts.


Students who purchase the online course individually pay the rate of $788 for 6 month and $988 for 12 months access. If purchased alone, the Course Book is $188 and the 6-month test bank assessment is $179. A lower school rate can be provided with a minimum enrollment of 50 students. Email for pricing information.

With RxPrep:

  • The instructors are engaging, are subject experts, many are board-certified, and all have years of pharmacy practice experience.
  • Instructors are student favorites. We survey the students annually to help us retain the instructors that provided the most benefit. We are happy to provide references from faculty colleagues at colleges where we teach, or from former students. 
  • The content is accurate, up-to-date, and matched by item to the current competencies. There is no parallel to the effort made by RxPrep to produce the student-preferred review material.
  • RxPrep review materials are affordably priced. 
  • Our team keeps the board review programs complete, and matched to the current NABP competencies. All items that could be tested are included. Items that are not tested are not included. 

RxPrep Supports Our Professional Pharmacy Organizations

ASHP, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists      
APhA, the American Pharmacists Association

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