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Thanks RxPrep! I Passed!

Frank R McGrady, PharmD, BCPS, Director of Pharmacy, PCHC Administration

In the last four years the University School of Pharmacy which I worked at struggled with inconsistent scoring on the pharmacy NAPLEX exam which was dropping over time. We brought in the RxPrep program for our students and after we fully utilized the program we had a dramatic increase in our recent NAPLEX scores. We moved from almost last in the nation to the high 90s in % scoring. We utilize the RxPrep program for not only the fourth (APPE) year students but also the third (IPPE) year students as supplemental material for study. The fourth year APPE students must complete a set number of chapters and exams each course rotation and an on-site RxPrep class as well. All of this has bolstered student knowledge as well as preparing them for the exam type as well. I recommend this RxPrep program without any reservation for any fourth year student or pharmacy program as a tool to help students prepare and pass the NAPLEX exam.

Kerry Otero

I passed my NAPLEX!!! I could not have passed (and passed with a respectable score) without this course. I also had the videos in my course package which were a tremendous help. Thank you to Drs. Shapiro and Brown for the onsite lectures and Dr. Shapiro (and Vanessa!) for your immediate responses to my emails. Thanks again!!

Ali Robinson

RxPrep... Just want to send a huge THANK YOU for the program you guys have! I used the book and test bank to study for the NAPLEX. I just got my score back today and got a 129. I couldn't have done it without you!! I would recommend RxPrep to any future pharmacist studying for the NAPLEX. Again, thank you!!!

Hans Boateng

Every so often we forget about the people and things that play a big role in our lives, but not me. I want to take a moment to say thank you to the Rxprep team. I just received my NAPLEX score and couldn't believe it. This was possible because of Rxprep. Initially, I didn't know what study material to use, so I went online to read reviews and comments. Rxprep was hailed as the best prep guide out there for Naplex. (It's true) When the graduating class met up with the seniors that had graduated, they all recommended Rxprep. It was a viral sensation at my school. I even tried getting my dean to offer the prep course or books to every graduating student. (I will have to reach out to him to insist on it) Karen, Sherry and everyone at Rxprep. We the students truly appreciate your commitment to helping us pass the Naplex exam. You have taken it upon your selves to help us and for that we are all grateful. The joy I received when I saw my score cannot be explained. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I am a licensed pharmacist. Thank you so much.

Dong Kim

Found out I got a 122 this morning! Thanks RxPrep!

Deborah Berdugo Lankin

Thansk RxPrep!!! Got 143 at Naplex last April !!!! Was a bit shy saying my score but my husband and Dr Karen pushed me for it. Even now, I still think of all those dedicated pharmacists who made such an incredible RxPrep... Thanks a million ! Just to all other folks out there- there is NO need to take other prep books for Naplex besides RxPrep.....If you study hard and master calculations, no need to look further! I had no surprise question at the Naplex- I was very stressed on the day of the exam (like tachycardia and almost shortness of breath, can't help it lol) but when I started reading the questions I felt amazing!!! Every piece of information given by RxPrep proved to be helpful! This is how I study-- many many hours a day of hard studying and reading, listening to live courses, then I made valuable flashcards for each disease state and test bank question I did not answer right... Then before Naplex I re-took all test bank questions and re-read my notes... And I focused heavily on calculations too. Maybe I should ask Drs K and S for the lottery numbers too lol! Good luck to everyone on their Board exams!

Ave Maria Fields

You guys are the best!!! Just found out I passed my boards with a 113!! Couldn't have done it without the help from your products!!

Flora Strout Blumin

I passed!! Thanks for such a great book and online bank of questions! My school offers a Kaplan review course but they should totally have an RxPrep course instead. Lots of classmates bought the course from you and all agree it is superb!!! Thanks again!!

Michelle Mahan Otwell

Thank you so much, RxPrep! I passed my NAPLEX with flying colors and am grateful for your awesome program. To anyone looking for a board review course for the NAPLEX, RxPrep is worth every penny!

Ani Rostomyan

Dear Dr. Shapiro and Rxprep team,Thank You for your expertise and support. I passed all my exams with your help in two states, Florida and California.California is the toughest one to tackle. I memorized each single sentence on your videos for CPJE lectures. Your experience is immense and the way you deliver the material is very unique.I also tried studying with another well advertised video material, no comparison.RxPrep is a 100% guarantee that you guys will ace your exams.Good Luck everybody!!!!

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