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You'll find that the email response from our team is fast. We (almost always) respond shortly after your email is sent (during the weekdays, when we are in the office).

Why email is faster:
We need to access your account to answer most questions. It's faster to respond to an email and we can copy your question to document the help provided. This helps us view the history to provide what you need.

Responses often require screenshots (how to do something) that work better than attempting to explain where to go and what to do on the website.

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We understand that some situations require a phone conversation. Email us with your inquiry and a customer support specialist will be in touch.

We know you need to spend your time studying. Reach us quickly on the form below, or email (if you need to attach images or documents).

Help is included with the Online Video Course & at schools where RxPrep teaches: 

Clinical (Drug Therapy) Questions

On a phone and/or computer: take a screenshot of the Test Bank question or the section in the Course Book and send it with your question. Include the Test Bank name and number (for example, ID Test Bank #2), or the Chapter name and Page number.

Math Questions
We must have your work to respond—to see where your math went astray. Take a screenshot of the question and type/write out how you tried to solve the problem.

If you are studying for a block of time and could have several questions—hold them, and send all together at the end of your study time for the day.

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