Terms and Conditions

This site is intended as a training tool. The student is responsible for using their professional judgment and for confirming and interpreting the findings and data reported on this site before applying such information in a professional setting, including school APPEs where patient care may be involved.

We anticipate that the site will be available for access 24 hours per day throughout the year and we agree to make every reasonable effort to resolve promptly any disruption of access or other error in connection with the site. If the site is not available for access due to connection issues or service issues caused by RxPrep the user will be entitled to a prorated refund of the fees if they have personally paid for this license for such period of disruption, however no refund will be made if the site is available and the inability to access it is due to connectivity problems related to the user's network and/or internet service provider(s) or to a cyber-attack or other internet issues that are beyond the control of RxPrep.

 If a user wishes to change online course 12-month access to 6-month access this can be changed retroactively, and a $200 credit applied to the user's credit card, if RxPrep is notified of the change request within 30 days of the original purchase.  The duration of access to the test bank questions without the videos, of either reductions or extensions, cannot be changed retroactively. 


A student receiving access codes to use the site agrees that under no circumstances may they permit any other person or entity, including fellow students, friends, family or colleagues to use their passcodes for the purpose of accessing the site, nor may the student use their passcodes to access the site for anyone else. The student is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passcodes. The site license is not to be shared. If fellow employees or others need access to the RxPrep website, they will need to purchase a license. If others need access to the website, they need to obtain it themselves. If RxPrep has found that passcodes have been shared with anyone else the access will be revoked effective immediately and no reimbursement will be made. 

This license does not authorize the sale of this access to anyone else and doing so is considered theft and will be prosecuted. This incident will be reported to your school (if applicable) and to the state board for licensed personnel (if applicable). The license is for the user only and cannot be sold. 

You may not download to hard copy individual pages of the site for your personal reference. The videos and test bank are available on portable devices for viewing and test taking purposes only.The student is not permitted to download to, store or otherwise reproduce in hard copy or electronic form any portion of the content of the site; nor may they sell, license, or otherwise permit others to use the content of the site.

The license to use this site is issued in return for compliance in the above requirements of this license

Students who have access to clinical support during their contract periods will have responses from pharmacists via email, or by phone, at the discretion of the instructor. Email responses are used as the sole means of response between August 15-March 1st each year. If a student with clinical support will be needing assistance throughout the day, the student should collect the questions and send one email at the end of the day. This will enable the pharmacists to respond to all requests in a timely manner. 


The student agrees to make reasonable efforts to ensure that no one other than the authorized user obtains access, electronically or otherwise, to this site with their passcodes.

In the event that a student has reason to believe that someone has obtained unauthorized access to this site, they agree agree (i) to notify us within 24 hours of all information in their possession regarding such potential unauthorized access, (ii) to take reasonable action to resolve the unauthorized access, and (iii) to cooperate with us in resolving the unauthorized access. We will not hold the student liable for unauthorized access if they comply with this paragraph, unless the authorized user has willfully breached the limitations on this license.


Your license will continue for as long as the user is a paid-up subscriber to our service, provided that they have complied with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Note that access expires when the day begins; for example, if access expires on March 15, 2016 the access ends after midnight on March 14, 2016. If a number of full days has been purchased, the precise time purchased has been included. We may terminate a license and restrict, suspend or terminate access to the site for any reason or no reason effective upon written notice to the user if we tender a prorated refund of any fees paid for the license. If the user has violated this Agreement (for example, by providing access to the site to unauthorized persons), we will terminate the user's license immediately without notice and we will not be obligated to provide a refund. If you are unable to continue your studies on either the test bank or online course access and notify the office by email at support@rxprep.com we will stop the service, and will reinstate with the same number of days remaining when you notify the office by email at a later date. We are not able to credit back or extend online access that has not been used retrospectively; thus, please notify us at the time that your studies are interrupted. If your studies have been interrupted, please contact support@rxprep.com to place your account on hold. You may place your account on hold a maximum of 2 times. 



Any dispute arising from, relating to or in any manner connected with this Agreement shall be construed under and resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of California, exclusive of its choice of law principles. Any such dispute shall be litigated only in the state or federal courts of California.


RxPrep may modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the site effective immediately upon notice posted to the site or distributed via electronic mail or conventional mail. The continued use of the site following notice of any modification to this Agreement shall be conclusively deemed an acceptance of all such modification(s). If the student does not wish to be bound by any such modification and so notifies us, we will refund any unearned fees that have been paid by that person. 



Test banks that are purchased by an individual user cannot be extended; please review the amount of preparation time you require prior to making your purchase. The NAPLEX Online Video Course, when purchased by an individual user, can be extended for 60 days for $148. The extension includes access to the videos and to the test bank. There is a maximum of two extensions. The user who purchased the course and is requesting the extension must not yet be licensed. If requesting the link to purchase the 60-day extension please include the state in which you plan to test for licensure and send the request to support@rxprep.com.


Occasionally, individuals or companies deliberately infringe our copyright in the content of this site, abuse or misuse the passcodes we issue, or otherwise breach their license agreement. If an authorized user has information concerning unauthorized access to our site or other forms of copyright infringement involving our works, we will pay a reward for truthful information leading to a successful monetary resolution of a material violation. We will keep the reporter's identity confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law. Contact us at RxPrep, Inc., 124 Center Street, 2nd Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245 or by phone at 877-545-8800. Thank you.



In order to provide our students with all the services included in the subscription and grant access to this site, RxPrep obtains information the user's name, address, email address, phone number, payment information, etc. RxPrep treats this information as confidential and use it to provide you with the best service possible. RxPrep will never release any of this information to any outside organization for such organization's own commercial or marketing use and has a policy against doing so.  RxPrep does not engage in renting out, selling, or trading names of subscribers or any information about any subscriber.

We invite you to ask us about any privacy concern you may have by calling us or emailing support@rxprep.com

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