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RxPrep’s complete course contains all you need to ace the exam: the video library, the 2015 text and the Test Bank—and fast help from us, when you are stuck on a question or interpretation.


  • 12-month access to the online video library of 72 topics—all items in the exam blueprint, presented in a way that makes it simpler to understand and retain. The video course is used by most students in the U.S. today. That’s because the RxPrep online course is the easiest method to learn the drug information and calculations needed to score well. Watch the exam overview presentation first. Follow the instructions that are carefully laid out (follow them completely please) and you will do well when you test. We will be here to help anytime you need us.
  • The RxPrep Course Book—designed as an in-depth companion to the video lectures. Each chapter correlates with the video lectures and the Test Bank sections. All RxPrep material is updated through each December. When essential guidelines or drug information changes we notify our online students. We’ll keep you informed; you can focus on getting ready to test.
  • Access to the Test Bank of 3,300+ questions of must-know drug knowledge that tests your basic competency in all therapeutic areas and in the foundation topics, including Drug Interactions, Drug References, Pharmacoeconomics, Drug Allergies, and the others. The sections map directly to the video lectures and course book chapters to make it simple to assess mastery of each topic. Short answer fill-in (primarily for math), select all that apply, multiple-choice, ranking, point-and-click—all styles on the exam, with scoring, to assess your progress as you work through the sections. You are able to quit any section and continue where you left off. The scores can be erased to retake the section as often as required.
  • Course participants receive fast assistance (email or phone) on clinical questions (calculations, biostatistics, PK, or any of the other common “help me” sections) by “clicking on “contact” on the website. Include your phone number. Clinical help is available only with the online course program and is not included with purchase of the course book or Test Bank alone.
  • The video library and Test Bank are compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android compatible devices.

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