RxPrep 2018 Course Book for NAPLEX Preparation, and Clinical Content of the CPJE

For test-takers in late 2017 and 2018. Order now and begin your preparation on time.

New! Chapter on Interpreting Patient Cases and Selecting Correct Answers. A must for the exam. Learn how to quickly read and interpret case-based questions from the experts.

New! Chapter on Handling Hazardous Drugs. Now tested. The hazard is to the staff, and proper protection is required.

Simpler Biostatistics Chapter Written for the Biostats-Impaired. Read the explanation look at the picture, then solve the practice problems one simple step at a time.

Core drugs bolded, core information underlined and many tip "gals" to help retain information and key drug "guys" to focus your study on the important drugs tested.


RxPrep Complete NAPLEX Online Course 2018

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs:
- Hazardous Drugs are tested and USP 800 will be enforceable in 2019. The hazard is to the staff, and exposure protection is required. See the equipment, and learn when to use it. 

Biostatistics has been rewritten to help the biostats-impaired: 
Simple explanations, with step-by-step instructions. Watch how problems are solved, then solve them yourself.  You'll get it!

The Complete RxPrep Online NAPLEX Review with video lectures, the 2018 Course Book, and the test banks with questions split into basic NAPLEX material that is tested plus supplemental questions, for those who want expert-level questions.  You choose. All the material you need to do well.

Includes many patient cases with exam-style practice. The pharmacists at RxPrep know the topics on the exam well, and the best way to study. Get help and advice when you need it.

Immediate Access to the Videos and Test Bank.

The 2018 Course Book ships now. The 2018 Videos and Test Banks have begun to go live!  Start your preparation now.


RxPrep 3,500+ NAPLEX Question Test Bank 2017-2018

Comprehensive Test Bank with over 3,500+ questions in all therapeutic areas, including specialties and calculations. MORE...

RxPrep's Free Assessments in Math Basics and Top Seller Drugs

This is the place to see if you're ready to dive into NAPLEX preparation. Test yourself in math skills that are required prior to tackling pharmacy calculations. They're simple, but may have been forgotten and require a quick refresher.

For the top selling drugs: the NAPLEX exam uses many brand names. Simple questions can be missed if the drug is not known. See if you can identify brand and generics for the top sellers, the indication for use, and the key issue with each drug.  

IF 100% IS NOT ACHIEVED IN MATH, brush up your math skills with Chapter 1: Math Basics, in the 2017 RxPrep Course Book.

IF 100% IS NOT ACHIEVED IN TOP SELLER DRUGS, learn them the quick and easy way with RxPrep's Top Seller Drugs test bank. It's $48. Or, use the Appendix and Index in the RxPrep 2017 Course Book. Use the Appendix for the brands/generics, and use the Index to look up the indications and key issues.


Pharmacy Basics: Math Basics and Top Seller Drugs

Math Basics: Brush up on basic math skills that are required to ace your licensure test. Simple issues on the NAPLEX can lead to wrong answers These include basic skills, such as rounding, order of operands and unit conversions.

Top Seller Drugs: Many pharmacists learned the top seller drugs in year 1 of pharmacy school before moving onto more complex areas. The brand name may be required in order to identify the drug and answer the question correctly. The test bank includes the key issue with each drug that pharmacists should think about when they see the drug.

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